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Prato laser marking machines main advantages in automobile parts
Published : 2016-11-17 16:24:41

At present, the common marking methods of auto parts in the market include: die casting, electro corrosion marking, pressure sensitive adhesive, screen printing, pneumatic marking and laser marking. The laser marking technology is born late, but from its birth to its indelible mark attention.

The main advantages of laser for auto parts marking is that this is a fast, programmable and non - contact process, the process is usually lasting, is not affected by the steps required in the production process, effects of harsh field conditions are not subject to withstand the. Of course, it also has disadvantages, such as the initial cost of laser marking equipment is higher, in some applications (such as marking plastic products) in contrast to the marked contrast.

Laser, bar code and two-dimensional code are widely used in automotive parts traceability

Bar code and two-dimensional code is a popular technology in all kinds of products can be traced back, and it can be applied to all kinds of auto parts.

Auto parts mainly rely on the marker of early marker sequence number on the product to meet the traceability requirements, after the birth of bar code is quickly applied to the auto parts logo, but the small amount of information, fault tolerance has not been aninfluence comprehensive popularization. This problem is not resolved until the birth of the two-dimensional code technology.

Two dimensional code is a similar to the shape of the 2D graphics, you can accept a lot of information in a very small area. Because the two-dimensional code 2D graphics only requires read performance in 50% or even lower contrast ratio, so the use of two-dimensional cde graphics, greatly increased the number of laser applications.

The coding of the two-dimensional code also has a built-in correction function, even if some of the code is corrupted by some reason, the code can be read out. Two dimensional code can also be used in several different forms of encryption, the data is placed in the protection of devices, making this type of tag on the value of the component with a patent right. Marking software in addition to have the automatic generation of bar code, but also supports DataMatrix, PDF417, Code QR and other two-dimensional code technology.